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Eric specializes in working with small business owners, real estate investors, and active duty/veteran military members. To set up a Discovery Meeting with Eric please click the below link: 

Jay specializes in working with    active-duty military pilots and commercial airline pilots. To set up a Discovery Meeting with Jay please click the below link: 

When you schedule an introductory meeting (what we call the Discovery Meeting) you're simply giving us an opportunity to learn more about your current financial situation, what you are looking for in a financial planner, and seeing an overview of how we work with clients every day. The meeting typically runs between 1-2 hours depending on client questions and at the end (or even after the meeting) we both decide if we'd be a good fit working together and then proceed accordingly. There is absolutely no obligation and when scheduling the Discovery Meeting and we look forward to getting to know you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I/we be meeting with both Eric and Jay or just one of the firm's financial planners? 

A: Eric and Jay enjoy getting to know all clients of the firm and lean on each other for specific areas of expertise. We like to think that clients benefit from both of our combined knowledge but all clients do have a primary advisor relationship. If you schedule a Discovery Meeting with Eric, Jay will possibly sit in (schedule permitting) and vice versa but you'll always have your primary advisor to work with. 

Q: Is the Discovery Meeting really free with no obligation to sign on as a client of the firm? 

A: Yes! We wish we could say that we're willing to provide this time strictly out of the kindness of our hearts, but the truth is we don't want to work with clients that aren't a good fit for the firm just as much as you don't want to work with an advisor that you don't believe can materially improve your financial life. Because we enter every client relationship with the expectation to work together for years, we consider the Discovery Meeting a crucial first step in our "dating" process in our client/advisor relationship. 

Q: What documents do I/we need to prepare or send ahead of time for the Discovery Meeting? 

A: None! The focus of the meeting is really to get to know you and show you how we work with clients. If we decided to enter into a client/advisor relationship, we will inform you of what information must be provided prior to the second meeting, what documents to send us, and how to securely do so.


Q:  If I don't need to send any documents, is there any preparation needed prior to the meeting? 

A: Before the meeting, we will send you a short Client Profile / Risk Assessment questionnaire to learn a little more about your current financial situation, what you are trying to accomplish, and how you approach the tradeoff between risk and return. Other than that, we simply encourage you to think a little more about what you're looking for in a financial planner and some good questions to ask us.  

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