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See below for a range of services and please reach out if you have any questions!


A financial plan is one of the most under-appreciated tools in personal finance. Many people focus on tackling one or two aspects of their financial life with little to no regard as to how they tie together or neglect critical aspects altogether. 




Once a plan is established and implemented, there are two things virtually guaranteed to change over time: the performance of your investments and your life circumstances. A plan is a living document that we continue to refine and adjust over time. 

Plan Dependent


Sometimes you have questions about a specific topic or don't think you're ready for a full fledged financial plan. The Hourly Consultation option gives ongoing clients the opportunity for an in-depth analysis/discussion in between meetings or a single engagement for new clients. 




Do you need a financial professional to speak at your company, group or at an event? Topics include general investment education and strategies, credit utilization, real estate investing, risk management, debt repayment, and numerous other topics. If you have a question as to if I'd be a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out. 

We follow the CFP® Financial Planning Process* (seen below) consisting of three initial meetings as part of the Comprehensive Financial Plan and then adjusting that plan over time as the client's personal situation and investments dictate. 

Financial Planning Process

*Eric Olsen is currently working through the CFP® requirements and is not yet a CFP®, but he believes this process to be the optimal process for working with clients.  

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